Portuguese amongst world’s best looking men

Travelers Digest magazine has named the Swedish city of Stockholm as the city with the world’s best looking men, though Portuguese men will be happy to know they also feature on the list – and quite high up in the ranks.

While European cities dominate the list, Stockholm is the only Nordic country to make an appearance. Southern European cities take three places on the list, including the Portuguese city of Lisbon. Portuguese men narrowly missed out on being placed among the top-three spots, taking 4th place among the top 10.

Travel writer Jessica Benavides Canepa describes the men in Lisbon as tending to be “worldly, well-educated and brimming with pride for their small but scenic country.”

“In Lisbon, the often tall, charismatic and athletic gentlemen might surprise you with their firm grasp of not only their own culture but that of the other nations as well”, she writes, concluding “these Latin seducers are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.”

Taking the top spot is the “impeccably-dressed clotheshorse that truly indulges in the enjoyment of the finer things in life”, otherwise known as the Swedish male, followed by “incredible looking” New Yorkers, with “jaw-dropping, good looking” Dutch men in Amsterdam taking third place on the podium.

Travelers Digest has been releasing a list of the cities with the world’s most beautiful women since 2006, but this is the first time that they have ranked cities according to the looks of their men.

The ranking was penned by writer Jessica Benadives Canepa, who is a well-travelled and experienced travel writer.

Dakota Smith, editor of TravelersDigest.com, explained why they decided to create the list: “We just felt that it was time to have a list about places with good looking men. Our ranking of cities and countries with beautiful women has always been a popular article on our website and we didn’t want our female readers to feel excluded.”

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